tree-ca ongoing



3d cellular automata (list- and layer-based) creates three voids around a tree point cloud scan. 200 pixel x 200 pixel * 200 slides (eight times, from bottom two top). CA starts from tree bark, green is more likely to win in y-direction (minus), green int x-direction (minus) and blue in z-direction (minus).  White wins with specific distance to bark.

first stigmergy test


agent beam




The beam-growing algorithm finds a solution for contrasting objectives. It constantly calculates new growing directions based on closest neighbors, closest targets (design intention), border / branching distance, gravity and neighbor structures / trying to connect in the direction of beam orientations. The algorithm connects all desired goals and still is able to react to design intentions by using implemented weights.


Space Fight


Each pixel and its eight neighbors are randomly checked for their color values. If the checked pixel is not white, look for the majority of colors around the pixel and color it in the same way.  If the checked pixel is white and at least one neighbor is colored then color it randomly.  It is possible to interactively set colored dots on the screen or scatter some colored pixels over the entire canvas. Sorry, it is a little bit sluggish at the moment. Made with processing. Will maybe become some kind of plant growth simulator / speculator or pattern generator.